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IBM Quantum Learning

Learn the basics of quantum computing, and how to use IBM Quantum services and systems to solve real-world problems.


Learn about key concepts, algorithms, and their applications

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Basics of quantum information

A detailed course covering mathematical aspects of quantum computing, comparable to an advanced undergraduate or introductory graduate level course.

Variational algorithm design

Today's hardware is delicate and error-prone. This course covers variational algorithms, which play to the strengths of these machines.

Practical introduction to quantum-safe cryptography

An introduction to quantum-safe cryptography, and how quantum computing poses a risk to existing cryptography.


Explore utility-grade algorithms and applications with Qiskit Runtime

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Workflow example 28 mins
Variational quantum eigensolver
Workflow example 1 mins
Grover's algorithm
Workflow example 20 mins
Quantum approximate optimization algorithm
Workflow example 4 mins
CHSH inequality


Start experimenting in one of our quantum programming environments

The interface of the quantum composer
Quantum Composer
Build, simulate, and run quantum circuits with a drag-and-drop interface
The interface of the quantum lab
Quantum Lab
Develop quantum programs in a custom JupyterLab environment


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