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IBM Quantum Learning

Learn the basics of quantum computing, and how to use IBM Quantum services and systems to solve real-world problems.


Learn about key concepts, algorithms, and their applications

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Basics of Quantum Information

A detailed course covering mathematical aspects of quantum computing, comparable to an advanced undergraduate or introductory graduate level course.

Fundamentals of Quantum Algorithms

Use quantum computers to solve problems more efficiently, including problems with real-world relevance such as searching and factoring.

Variational Algorithm Design

This course covers variational algorithms, hybrid classical quantum algorithms which play to the strengths of current quantum computers..


Explore utility-grade algorithms and applications with Qiskit Runtime

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Workflow example
Compare transpiler settings
Workflow example
CHSH Inequality
Workflow example
Solve utility-scale quantum optimization problems


Start experimenting in one of our quantum programming environments

The interface of the quantum composer
Quantum Composer
Build, simulate, and run quantum circuits with a drag-and-drop interface
The interface of the quantum lab
Lab (Sunset on 15 May 2024)
Open instructions to download files


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